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How do I use Flesko?

Once you have a product or type of product in mind, just click on the relevant links on the “Product Page”. For example, if you are looking for fishing equipment, you could click on the Amazon or other marketplace link. You will then see the “your product” listed. Easy!
If you are a little more technically advanced, you could try our search feature. The search box is found on the right of the screen. Just enter a type of product, a key phrase or even a company name. Our internal search facility will then generate a page of relevant
links for you to look at with brief descriptions. Just click on the link which has the type of product you are looking for.

Make us your home page.

If you are a keen shopper then there is no better place than Flesko
to start your online shopping. If you click on the star in your google browser
“bookmark us” top of the screen, next time you start your Internet browsing you
will come straight to Flesko, the number one resource for the keen shopper.

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If you are on a page of the site to which you would like to return at a later date, then click the “Add to Favourites” button, again found at the top of page. This will add Flesko to your list of favourites which can be found in your browser’s menu bar.

Flesko aims to provide a fast, efficient and secure service.


Flesko.co.uk takes part in the Amazon associates program, when you click links on Flesko we may receive compensation on products offered on Amazon.co.uk, we do not stock any of the products displayed or reviewed on this website. If you have billing, delivery or product related questions, please contact the vendor or Amazon directly.

For the latest advice on simple and secure Internet shopping, please read the Flesko Guide.