LG F4V709STSE Review

LG F4V709STSE Review

The LG F4V709STSE 9kg Washer is another one of the popular machines you can find for sale now. It is considered as the best washing machine because it has patented and unique technology called Direct Drive Technology which allows you an energy efficient and low vibrating and almost noiseless wash.

The washing machine also features an easy to read display with LED controls. This type of washer is great for persons who live in apartment buildings since you don’t have to worry about being disturbed by your neighbour’s washer or vice versa.

LG 1400 spin washing machine also has some unique cycles, namely the Bio Cycle and the Medic Cycle. These help to get rid of the worst stains and remove every trace of detergent so you clothes will last longer and won’t irritate your skin.

This type of machine is the best washing machine for persons with babies who cannot afford to purchase the specially formulated gentler detergents for babies as well as for those with sensitive skin.

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