Candy Smart Pro CSO14103TWCE Review

Candy Smart Pro CSO14103TWCE Review

The Candy Smart Pro CSO14103TWCE 10kg washer is also another popular choice for those looking for the best washing machine. This machine has an addition for an increased ability to wash your clothes to a spotless clean. This is achieved with an interior drum that contains raised dimples that massage the clothes as they are washed.

The machine features a lot of additional features that make doing laundry easier and more enjoyable and less of a mundane task that you just have to do.

It has a one of a kind stain vanish button which moves the clothes in a different way to ensure that they get a deep clean wash to get rid of any stains that may be present.

This is a great buy that comes with a five year guarantee on parts and labour making it a contender for the best washing machine.

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